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hConjure Wallpaper So Beautiful Accessories

Conjure Wallpaper So Beautiful Accessories
                         - Angelia Florensia, or familiarly called Angel, is a science graduate fashion design at Lasalle-Sia College of the Arts, Singapore. The field of design is already of interest to Angel since school. The end of 2010, Angel began to fall in love with the material wallpaper (wall paper) which is then turned into a masterpiece worthy jual.Sebelum find material wallpaper, Angel often experiment with different materials in making handicrafts. Women who are hobby making crafts have already been trying to make clothes and accessories from the material that is commonly used, as well as bags, purses cotton. All he made the products cantik.Awalnya Angel thought, wallpaper is usually used to coat the walls. Naturally these materials are also solid, if made in the form of a product worthy wife pakai.Akhirnya Awi Suryadi, a film director, trying to make different creations wallpaper, among others, the album cover, accessory necklaces and earrings, as well as origami.Untuk get material, Angel buy a sample, wallpaper samples that are not used anymore in the store. Samples were packed in an album of 50 cm x 50 cm, corresponding sample size per piece. Because just as an example, of course the condition of the sample is still in new condition, alias has not been attached to the wall. Since the beginning of creation, Angel was intending carrying recycle or recycle system in karyanya.Karena it, that I use is not the wallpaper purchased the meter, but the samples that are not used anymore in the stores, said women born in Jakarta, April 13, 1983. by using waste material, it can also suppress the production cost making it more efficient. However, the most important according to Angel, at least he could reduce the amount of trash. In addition, he is also happy for being able to make things more waste so berharga.Untuk enrich creativity, Angel looking for information about the art of paper folding (origami), either through the internet, magazines, and books. Her early creations are hard cover (envelope) photo album, bracelets, necklaces, and other paper fold products. However, after various experiments, the results are not satisfactory. Stitches are less fit and uncomfortable dilihat.Lama-old Angel realized that the wallpaper can not be equated with a cloth. Basically, the wallpaper paper. So, it should be treated just like paper and not like the fabric. This important lesson I can pass several attempts, said the woman whose hobbies are reading, crafting, and traveling ini.Kesulitan-trouble that did not break his spirit. He was even more challenged to create interesting creations of wallpaper. Moreover, according to Angel, there are no craftsmen who use these raw materials to create a variety of products. The lack of competition is rated as excellent opportunities for full berbisnis.Dengan determination, Angel continues to experiment in order to produce a product that diinginkan.Akhirnya he managed to create a wallet that is very fitting when applied with wallpaper material. The product is not less beautiful than a wallet made of canvas, suede, or other. In addition to considering the appearance of beauty purse, Angel is also very concerned with the strength of the material. Therefore, he obliges himself to directly test each model produk.Saya must ensure durability and comfort products. You do this by using the product myself. If there is no damage, meaning the product is worth selling, it was clear the couple's daughter Sumarti Ananda and Freddy Djuhanda ini.Semua engineering manufacture of products from these wallpapers Angel learned autodidact. It took four months to get maximum results. Equipment used Angel was fairly simple, such as a home sewing machines, scissors, glue spray, and other standard equipment. All products are to be performed by Angel and two assistants who act as cutters and tailors tangan.Untuk market its products, Angel diligently attended various events fairs and exhibitions. In addition, it also uses the Internet social networks do not pay, such as free blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. It is admittedly very efficient and can reach the market as a product of prime luas.Dompet Angel was quite successful making his colleagues want to buy. Besides the uniqueness of raw materials, different patterns in each product become an attraction itself. People who want to have Paperpleased labeled products should not be afraid to emulate the lain.Kini not just a wallet made Angel. There are approximately 20 types of products using the application of wallpaper. In addition to the wallet, there are key chains, memo, gloves gadgets, passport wallets, CD wallets and tote bags. Prices of products sold are quite affordable, that is between Rp 5,000 - Rp 180,000. In addition to private collections, product Paperpleased also many souvenir booked for various acara.Karena is unique, many buyers Angel then plied with questions about products wallpaper makes. It was received positively by it. For me, handmade goods (handicrafts) are very personal in nature. We must be more communicative with consumers who are curious about our work. So, I'm glad to be able to explain in detail about my product, said Angel closes percakapan.Ingin acquainted with Angelia Florensia? Please contact: E-mail: paperpleased@gmail.comBlog: paperpleased.blogspot.comTwitter: @paperpleasedFacebook: paperpleased (Ira Nursita)

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