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Weight Affect Fetal Development Capital? - K

Weight Affect Fetal Development Capital? - K
It is important for pregnant women to observe weight (BW) prepregnancy and during pregnancy. Of course BB arrangements must be in accordance with existing guidelines, so it is expected that lived more healthy pregnancy, and growth and development of the prospective baby was optimal.Bagi pregnant women who are too thin, the key steps that need to be done is to add portions. However, the amount should not be excessive. Indeed, weight gain throughout pregnancy is needed to prevent preterm birth and low birth weight (LBW), however, note that weight gain does not reach the target during the pregnancy did not matter much to the state of pregnancy. So, no need to do extra effort too hard to raise ini.Penambahan BB BB too drastic were concerns that it may lead to obesity. Mistaken belief that the pregnant belly that looked small signifies the fetus does not grow well, too often the cause of the mother so overweight. In fact, the stomach looks small is generally caused by a layer of fat in the mother's abdominal wall is still thin and not because of fetal growth terganggu.Adanya ignorance that causes pregnant women vying to overeat so that his stomach swell. The assumption, if the mother is obese, the fetus in the womb had grown up. Though the big layer of fat in the mother's abdominal wall and not janinnya.Terlepas of accretion BB, fetal growth is relatively common to all pregnant women in the first trimester until the end of the second trimester. Few exceptions in pregnant women who have chronic kidney disease. It was only at the beginning of the third trimester, the growth of the baby may deviate from the normal growth curve (late or excessive) .For mother gemukSeperti mentioned earlier, obesity in pregnancy can lead to the onset of obesity in the long term. For that, remove the notion that pregnant women need to eat to "" two people "". However, you should not go on a diet. Weight loss should not be performed in pregnancy. You need to look at is the calories that enter the body Anda.Pertambahan enough calories for pregnant women about 100-300 cal per day. Whereas in the past the need of total calories per day on average around 2000-2100 cal, then with the addition of 1/10 or 1/7 of the total has also been mencukupi.Pada trimester I and II early, need to be maintained so that the BB does not rise too fast because the fetus are still small does not require large amounts of nutrients. Later in the half of the second trimester of pregnancy, maternal BB hike sought not exceeding 500 g each major minggu.Langkah to do that obese pregnant women is to reduce the consumption of high fat foods, such as fried. Reduce also foods with high glycemic index (foods that raise blood sugar levels quickly, because it does not need a long time to digest in the digestive tract). Like, biscuits, noodles, bread, noodles, spaghetti, cake, or sweet fruit. Especially for fruits should be eaten whole and are not consumed in the form of juice, since the juice can raise blood sugar levels quickly, although not given additional gula.Faktor that influences the development of janinPatut known that fetal growth is not solely determined by the mother's weight before pregnancy , or the mother's weight gain during pregnancy. But is also determined by genetic factors as well as the size of the blood vessels of pregnant women to the uterus and placenta, which is the conduit kandungan.Rahim food for the fetus in a pregnant woman who did not receive blood supply about 50 ml per minute. During pregnancy, the blood vessels of the uterus will develop to be the blood flow of 600 ml per minute. If there is a developmental disorder of blood vessels of the uterus, the fetus in the womb will not grow well even pregnant women experience weight gain that is drastic. The development of uterine blood vessels can be monitored by checking ultrasonografis Doppler (Doppler ultrasound) .This others also affect fetal development is taking drugs and smoking habits of the mother. These bad habits can cause the development of the fetus to be bad, so it can lead to premature delivery and low birth weight. For that, inevitably, this bad habit must dihentikan.Narasumber: Dr. Med Dr. Calvin Tjong, SpOG, from RS Puri Indah, West Jakarta, and RSIA Family, North Jakarta (Tabloid Nakita / Utami Sri Rahayu)
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